Kenanga Principal Protected Income Fund

Investment Objective

The Fund aims to provide investors a regular stream of income from the short-term money market returns which is competitive to that offered by fixed deposits, while preserving its capital by placing the funds primarily in short-term money market and deposit-based instruments issued by licensed financial institutions with a minimum of RAM A3 or MARC P2. The Fund also provides a high level of liquidity.


Fund Category / Type

Wholesale money market / Income


This Fund is suitable for investors who:

·   desire a steady stream of income i.e. monthly income distribution;

·   have short to medium-term placement horizon;

·    have low tolerance of market and credit risks;

·   want a highly liquid fixed income portfolio; and

·    want a low-risk fund as part of the asset allocation strategy.


Performance Benchmark

Maybank Overnight Repo Rate


Asset Allocation

Up to 100% of the Fund's NAV - Short-term money market instruments

Entry Fee

Cash Investment: Nil


Annual Management Fee

0.50% p.a. of the NAV


Annual Trustee Fee

0.04% p.a. of the NAV


Exit Fee



Switching Fee



Minimum Initial Investment



Minimum Additional Investment




·      In computing the annual management fee and annual trustee fee, the Net Asset Value (“NAV”) of the Fund should include the management fee and the trustee fee for the relevant day.

·      All fees and charges payable to the Manager and the Trustee are subject to the goods and services tax/sales and services tax/other taxes of a similar nature as may be imposed by the government or other authorities from time to time. 


This is for information only. It should not be construed as an offer or a solicitation of an offer to purchase or subscribe or to sell units. Units of the Fund are offered solely on the basis of the information contained in the Information Memorandum and Supplementary Information Memorandum (if any). If you are in doubt when considering the investment or the information provided, you are advised to consult a professional adviser.

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