The PRS Framework

PRS is a regulated capital market services activity that comes under the supervision of the Securities Commission Malaysia, who ensures the proper functioning of the PRS industry and investor protection through regulating the following four intermediaries.

Private Pension Administrator Malaysia (PPA)
  • A one-stop center to govern the PRS by acting as a resource center for information relating to the PRS industry and keeping records of all transactions of monies paid or received.

PRS Providers
  • Licensed and approved by the Securities Commission.
  • Offer a range of PRS retirement funds for members to choose to invest in.

Scheme Trustee
  • To safeguard members’ contributions, the asset of each PRS will be segregated from the PRS Providers and held by an independent Scheme Trustee under a trust.

PRS Distributors and Consultants
  • PRS Distributors include financial institutions who enter into agreement with PRS Providers to market and distribute PRS.
  • OnePRS Scheme (OnePRS) Consultants are individuals who are registered with the Federation of Investment Managers Malaysia (FIMM) through Kenanga Investors Berhad (KIB) to market and distribute OnePRS by Kenanga.

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